Comprehensive Travel Planning Services

At Personal Travel Concierge, we can provide you with all the standard travel booking services – like accommodation, flights, transfers and car hire. That’s just a basic expectation and we’ll do it well.

But it’s our services over and above these basics that set us apart and will make sure that your holiday experience is exceptional. These services include:

  • Comprehensive destination research
  • Comparing accommodation options including proximity to attractions
  • Advice on flights, stopovers and airport facilities
  • Researching and booking tours and private guides
  • Researching and booking restaurants, sporting events, concert tickets and attractions
  • Coordinating travel for multiple members of the party (for example group holidays with friends or family members)
  • Advice and consultancy on travelling with children, including advice on booking suitable accommodation and facilities at your destination such as kids clubs and babysitting, and more
  • Ensuring you have appropriate travel insurance coverage
  • Advice on travel documentation and visa requirements
  • Guidance on health and safety advice for your destination


How We Plan Your Holiday

We start by asking you to complete a questionnaire that allows Personal Travel Concierge to understand your goals and desires for the trip, your personality and travel style, your budget and any must-do inclusions. We take into account any special needs or physical limitations, your travel loyalty memberships and past travel history. We like to really get to know you so that we can offer the best advice to make your trip as perfect as possible.

We will work with you using this information to come up with a customised travel plan unique to your circumstances and we will provide you with a costing estimate for your trip.

Once your reservations have been confirmed, we will keep you updated with any changes to your travel arrangements and to ensure that your travel needs have not changed.

And on your return, we will be looking forward to catching up to hear all about your trip.


How much does it cost?

Our fee structure is a mix of fee for service and commissions from travel providers. Whilst we receive commissions from some suppliers, some of the best deals we find are through private or direct channels, in which case we will charge a fee for arranging the services. And some services such as detailed touring plans will be charged based on the detail involved. We look at all possible options for you so you can be confident that your holiday plans will be made with you in mind and not on the basis of agent commissions. We believe the fee you pay to us will save you your own precious time both before your trip and during your holiday.

We will always provide a costing estimate so that you can be assured that you are within your budget and you know what you are committing to.

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